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Delaware County Fair Royalty Contest

Delaware County, Iowa


Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. Do I have to be a member of 4-H or FFA to participate?

    No! This was a rule change in 2011. We have decided to follow the same rules as the Iowa State Fair Queen competition. Rule four now states:
 Each contestant must be an active member of a least one service organization in her community such as 4-H, FFA, Church group, National Honor Society, Student Council, Girl Scouts, etc. If there is a question on the eligibility of the contestant’s particular organization she is active in, it will be at the discretion of the fair manager to decide of the contestant is eligible. 

  2. What does a Fair King or Queen do?

    Those selected as fair royalty act as an ambassador for the Delaware County Fair. Your job is to positively promote and represent the fair. During fair week the royalty help hand out ribbons and awards, volunteer in the kids area, and do media interview as well as talk to fair goers. Royalty also participate in parades and other funtions throughout the year. You do not necessarily need a background in agriculture to participate and promote the Delaware County Fair!

  3. Am I required to attend ALL events listed in the schedule for the fair?

    We would like to encourage you to attend all events possible. However, we realize the list of appearances is long, and many of you are busy during the week with your own projects. This is why there are three royalty plus royalty candidates. We will let you know if there is something where it is absolutely crucial you attend. Otherwise, we would like at least one royalty or royalty candidate to make an appearance at each event - there is a reason there are so many of you! 

  4. Do I get backstage passes for the concerts?

    Since moving the coronation to Thursday, all contestants have had the opportunity to be backstage and meet the performers. Typically, those selected as royalty also have the opportunity to meet the Friday performers. Neither, however, is a guarantee. It is completely up to the performers and their managers if meet and greets and backstage passes will be allowed. Each performer is different.

  5. How old to I have to be to participate in the pageant?

    Each contestant must be at least 16 years of age and no more than 21 years of age on the first day of the Iowa State Fair in the year she/he is selected as county royalty. 15 year olds may run if they will be 16 by the first day of the Iowa State Fair. Typically this means those who have completed their sophomore year of high school up to those who have completed their junior year of college are eligible to compete.

  6. What are the judges looking for?

    Contestants will be judged on personality, poise, attitude, awareness, citizenship, leadership, manners, public speaking ability, social skills, appearance, and ability to communicate. In other words... this is not a beauty pageant!

  7. When am I required to attend the Delaware County Fair?

    Contestants participating in the 2015 Fair Royalty Pageant are encouraged to be present during the entire duration of the 2015 fair; however, this is not a requirement. The crowning will take place on Thursday night of the fair preceding the country concert. If chosen as 2015 royalty, you will be asked to help during the remainder of the 2015 fair, as well as returning for the 2016 fair to help during the week and crown your successor. 

  8. Am I allowed to run for royalty more than once?

    Yes! Only those chosen as Fair Queen or King are not allowed to run again. If chosen as Princess, you may run again. You are allowed to run as many times as you choose as long as you still meet the age requirements. 

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